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This Our Company Services.

Geotechnical Engineering, Pile Testing

iLi Consult has been providing geotechnical engineering services to civil infrastructure and building projects in Cambodia. Services include:

- Geotechnical investigations;

- Foundation design;

- Foundation testing.

We have provided quality assurance for deep foundations for many years. iLi owns a 8-channel PAX Pile Dynamic Analyzer (PDA), a Pile Integrity Tester (PIT) and a Cross-hole Analyser. Morover, iLi posesses a 20-tonne drop hammer for high strain testing of bored piles.

In cooperation with its Malaysian partner Soil Dynamics Sdn Bhd, iLi Consult is in the position to offer bi-directional testing of bored piles.


  Standard Specification for High Strain Testing of Driven Piles by PDA (.doc)
  Standard Specification for High Strain Testing of Cast-in-place Piles by PDA (.doc)
  Standard Specification for Low Strain Pile Integrity Testing by PIT (.doc)


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